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Six Creative Ideas for a NYC Maternity Shoot You Will Love

Updated: Jan 25, 2019

If you are about to be a mother, this is a time to cherish. That lovely glow of your skin and the joy you feel when you are expecting make this period of your life one that needs to be remembered. What better way to do this than to capture it on film in a professional NYC Maternity Shoot?

Maternity Shoot NYC

We realize the changes your body is experiencing may make it difficult for you to be comfortable in front of a camera. Here are some ideas for a photo shoot that are guaranteed to make you feel beautiful.

Maternity Photographer

Include Your Children: If you are expecting your second or third child, the children you already have are probably more excited than anyone else. Establish the sibling bond early by making your children the stars of your photos. An up close shot of them hugging your belly captures a precious moment that you will reflect on for years to come.

Try a Mother Earth Image: Pay tribute to the ultimate mother, Mother Earth. Connect with nature by choosing an outdoor scene, like a field or waterfront, as a backdrop. Capitalize on the theme by wearing a long flowing dress and floral crown for a whimsical, bohemian touch.

NYC Maternity Shoot

NYC Maternity Photographer

Hoboken Maternity Photographer

Go for a Silhouette Shot: A silhouette shot is simple to capture and makes for a lovely photo. Best taken in window with natural light to highlight your beautiful belly. This will guarantee amazing results that make your pregnancy the focal point in a lovely and tasteful way.

NYC Maternity Photography

NYC Maternity Shoot

NYC Maternity Photographer Shoot

Add Humor: Pregnancy is a tender time in a woman’s life, but let’s face it... there can be funny moments as well. Capture your sense of humor by taking a picture of yourself wearing a funny, pregnancy related tee shirt, or trying to tie your shoe. Or add a sign like our couple be low and add some amazing humor. This will be a great shot that your whole family can look back at for laughs.

Maternity Photographer

Embrace and amazing backdrop: There is something magical and fairytale-like about an amazing backdrop for maternity photos. And we live in an amazing place to do so in NYC for a maternity shoot.

NYC Central Park Maternity Shoot

Get in a Milk Bath: A milk bath is a great way to create a soothing atmosphere for your shoot. It can even be done in the comfort of your own home. Start by distributing milk powder and cornstarch into the water. Then add beautiful flowers in the colors you love and position them around you as you pose.

NYC Maternity Photographer

If you are expecting your next child, celebrate this special time by capturing it on film with us at J. Stud Studio. The maternity photos you take are sure to be something you will look back on and treasure as time goes by.


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