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How To Prepare For Your Family Portrait

Updated: Jan 26, 2019

Family portraits are a perfect way to capture the considerable number of stages throughout your family’s life together. Be that as it may, if it's your first family portrait, you may require some assistance getting ready yourself and all the more significantly your children for the day.

Talk about the session beforehand

A week or so before the photo shoot, talk with your youngsters in regards to the photo session so they know about the big day. Get them energized! An stranger with a camera and and bunch of gear can be somewhat scary and intimidating to smile to. Letting them know early additionally gives you enough time to reveal to them what you expect during your time with us. Bring some snacks or things that make your youngster happy. On the off chance that we have to take a break for orange slices and crackers, no issue. Don't hesitate to tell your little ones early to be "good listeners," but let your directing stop there. You'll be a better "model" if you invest your energy being loose and having a good time, as opposed to talking or frowning as you direct others. Plus you never know what we are seeing through the lens, so it's best to let us direct (or choose not to direct) what's going on around you. Don't sweat it if your children are acting like maniacs or not looking at the camera! I promise you, we've seen everything and we take our time. Additionally, you'd be astonished how wonderful photographs can be even while the chaos happens.

Dress appropriately

Regardless of whether it's nippy outside or burning hot, dressing yourself and your youngsters correctly will help keep everyone and the photo looking perfect. In the event that you are looking to purchase a new outfit for your youngsters, consider giving them a chance to wear it a week or so ahead of time so they can break it in and feel good.

Choose clothes to wear that are comfortable and will allow you to bend and twist, and that you won’t mind getting dirty if you find yourself crouched on muddy ground.

NYC Family Photographer

We recommend that parents consider the colors for the entire family as your clothes play a huge part in creating an effective portrait. It may be tempting to throw on your favorite tiger shirt or your most flattering zebra print dress but keep in mind, the portrait is about the whole group. Solid hues are best as prints and patterns distract the eye and draw attention away from everything else in the image. Dark colors are not only flattering; they also keep the viewers eye moving toward the lightest part of the image (which ought to be your face). If we are doing an outdoor family portrait, earth tones work extremely well. Blues, greens, tans are all good options. Families love to dress in white for family portraits. This is fine as long as everyone is in white.

In the event there is time we can do a change and give you more options... Consider a dark outfit and a light outfit. Take a stab at laying out all of the clothes together, the week before the shoot, to see if anything doesn’t go with the overall theme. Think of it as one big outfit. If there is a piece that stands out you might want to swap it for something else.

Eat, sleep and hydrate

With respect to booking your session, attempt to abstain from planning it during your youngster's regular sleeping patterns. Truth be told, planning the picture quickly after the rest is very helpful as they will be more joyful and more inclined to smile and enjoy the moment.

The night prior to your session, encourage everyone to go to bed somewhat sooner than normal to make sure everyone is refreshed for the big day. Additionally, make a point to appropriately hydrate so your skin is smooth, youthful, and lively! No saucy drinking the night prior as alcohol dehydrates your skin making it red with modest wrinkles and those puffy dark circles under our eyes.

For the ladies, on the off chance that you will wear foundation ensure it matches your skin - every last bit of it. We want to ensure your face and neck are a similar shading. Try to keep your makeup simple and elegant and go easy on the bronzer.

Lastly, ensure you have something to eat and drink in advance the day of the session, which will help maintain your concentration levels.

No cheese please

Cheddar is for wine and crackers. So often I have found parents who lurk behind me and shout, "Say cheese to the camera kids!" Demanding kids to look at the camera to smile will only stress them out and will result in strained, unnatural and often unflattering photographs. Our goal is to have natural interaction through conversation and horrible dad jokes with your children. This will result in natural, gorgeous smiles. We have also found that candid shots are some of our families favorites compared to posed looked at the camera shots.

In the end, this day is about you and your family. Try not to stress by unwinding and have a fabulous time! A bit of tomfoolery and snickering can make for an incredible picture. Children can sense stress and anxiety. If you loosen up and roll with the punches it will be considerably easier for them to appreciate the day. Now is the time enjoy and release your inner diva. You packed the treats, you got everybody there - you're a parenting demigod. Now let us worry about the rest - this is all just a typical day of work for us. Don't overthink it. Try to let go of any thoughts about your upper arm flab or your little ones "good side." Take this time to just be with your family, and let us, as professional NYC Photographers, find and capture all the beauty that's there.


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