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Four Great Tips That Will Make Your NYC Family Photos Precious

So, you’ve gone ahead and decided to book your first family photo shoot and as they day looms ahead, you’re starting to become concerned. What are you going to do to make your NYC Family photos look special? Where will you go to get an ideal backdrop? How will you get your children to behave throughout the shoot? Well, here are some tips for you on how to get great photos your family will love.

Wear Complementary Colors: There’s no need to be too matchy matchy when doing a photo shoot but finding subtle ways to wear complimentary colors can give your photos an added flair. What you might want to do is to have mom wear a lilac sweater and have her daughter pick it up by wearing the same color scarf. The men in the family can offset the vibe with varying shades of blue. Of course, color choice is up to you, but be sure to embrace patterns as well as solids while avoiding distracting logos.

NYC Family Photographer

Find Locations in Advance: If you are doing an outdoor photo shoot, you don’t want to waste a lot of time finding a location. Stroll around your neighborhood to look for places that might offer fun textures, unusual backdrops and scenic views. Wheat fields, abandoned buildings and old farms can all be ideal. We live in an amazing place so NYC has many different backdrops and locations to chose from!

New York Family Photographer

Getting the Little Ones to Behave: If you are working with a seasoned family photographer, he or she will probably be used to dealing with mischievous toddlers who might have their own ideas about where to stand and how to pose. It’s a good idea to let the toddler do what they want for some photos. Once they get the idea that you are open to their thoughts, they are likely to become more open to yours and agree to posing for some great looking photos.

NYC Family Photographer

Poses: Once you start posing for the camera, it’s likely you will start running out of things to do. Remember, not all poses have to be of all family members. Get close for some mother daughter moments or mommy daddy together time.

NYC Family Photographer

A meaningful parent child squeeze can make for a precious photo opp. You can also all decide to focus on one family member. Families can laugh at toddlers when they make an adorable gesture or the whole family can look adoringly at mom or dad.

Family portraits are great decorative items for the home and make excellent souvenirs that commemorate a specific moment in time. Make yours as precious as they possibly can be by wearing complementary outfits, choosing interesting locations as backdrops and thinking about how to pose to capture the feelings your family members have for one another. We look forward to making your pictures ones that your entire family will treasure forever.


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