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Soho Engagement Photographer

As SoHo engagement photographers it’s always an exciting time to shoot in SoHo.  We love how as Hoboken engagement photographer you can catch so many different looks and feels in such a short distance.  For us, the highlight of the Engagement Session in SoHo we share below was at the very end of the shoot someone was drawing hearts on the asphalt making for a memorable ending.   

Engagements are a GREAT way to practice with your photographer ahead of the big day! We love to take you on a whirlwind tour of our favorite spots all around the city. We also love it if you have a place in mind that's something more personal and special to the two of you, for example your favorite restaurant or the place they popped the question! See some of our favorites below for a good idea on how we capture the two of you being, well, you!

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