What You Need to Know to Get the Best Photos for Your NYC Engagement Shoot

If you have recently popped the question, what better way to celebrate than with a fun NYC photo shoot? You can send these photos out to friends and relatives to announce your engagement. They will also serve as great reminders of your courtship when you are well into your marriage.

If you think an engagement shoot would be fun way to celebrate your commitment to each other, here are some great ideas for shots you will love looking at again and again.

Location: When thinking of locations for your photo shoot, anything goes! Think of fun places you like to go together to give viewers an inside look at a typical date night. Go back to spots that mean a lot to you, like the place you had your first date or a meaningful conversation.

Significant locations like local landmarks can also make for great backdrops. Or you can just snuggle up at home to show how much you mean to each other. Or use a simple background like a brick wall.

Poses: When it comes to posing for your photo shoot, snuggles, hugs and kisses are always popular choices. Once you have a few of these under your belt, you will want to start exploring more creative options.

The two of you walking hand in hand will make for a terrific shot, especially if you are walking through a scenic part of town. Another option is to reenact a special moment like your engagement. You can also get playful using seasonal themes like snow, leaves or water.

Wardrobe: Solid colors provide the least amount of distraction and work well in any photo shoot. When choosing his and her outfits, pick colors that complement each other without being too matchy-matchy. Pick neutral colors and a few coordinating color tones to work this look well. When it comes to accessories, avoid flashy distractions. It’s best to keep it simple here as well.

Think of When You Want to Take Your Shots: The time you schedule your photo shoot for is another important thing to consider. This will depend on what you want to use your photos for.

Some couples use engagement photo shoots for their wedding web sites. Others submit to local papers to make their wedding announcements public. Some may want to have pictures to feature on wedding programs. Others might want to use their engagement photo shoot as a trial to decide what photographer they would like to use on their wedding day.

Each of these situations come with their own deadlines. Consider how long it will take to get the photos processed and leave plenty of time to make sure you they will be visible on the desired medium well before your special day.

A photo shoot is a great way to celebrate your engagement and capture the early days of your union together. Think of what you will wear, locations that make great backdrops, creative poses and timeline to get images that you both will treasure for years to come.