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Tips for a Sexy NYC Boudoir Photo Shoot

Boudoir photography is defined as a type of photography that is intimate, romantic or even erotic in nature. It can be traced back in time to as early as 1840 and became even more popular during WWII when the government started using propaganda to encourage men to fight for their country. Pictures of pin up girls were distributed with slogans like “She’s worth fighting for’ and ‘Come home to your girl a hero.’

Times have changed but boudoir photography is still quite popular often seen as a way to empower women through their sexuality. If you would like to explore this type of photography, here are some ideas for a fun and sexy shoot.

NYC Boudoir Photographer - J. Stud Studio

Go Vintage: The pin up girl look that was popular during WWII has made a come back in a big way. You can emulate this look in your photo shoot by shopping for vintage lingerie. Finish it off by styling your hair and makeup in a classic old Hollywood style. Photos can be black and white or colorized in a way to give them a vintage look.

NYC Boudoir Photographer - J. Stud Studio

Pose with Friends: If you feel comfortable posing with others, you can invite some friends to make your photos even sexier and more exciting. You can get a group of your girlfriends together for a slumber party or pillow fight scene. Intimate shots of you and your partner can also make for romantic photos you both will treasure.

NYC Boudoir Photographer - J. Stud Studio

Hoboken boudoir Photographer

For Your Partner’s Eyes Only: If you are celebrating a special time with your partner, like an anniversary, engagement or Valentine’s Day, boudoir photos can make a great gift. Think of what your partner might lingerie, a picture of you in one of their shirts, a racy outdoor scene... and then give them some prints that are sure to make their heart race.

NYC Boudoir Photographer - J. Stud Studio

NYC Boudoir Photographer - J. Stud Studio

Get Prepared: If you have decided a boudoir photo shoot would be a fun idea, here are a few tips that can help you get prepared:

· Make sure you are comfortable with the photographer. This should be the case in any photo shoot, but is especially so if you are trying to get sexy shots when you are scantily clad!

· Remove unwanted body hair in advance. Remember, a good deal of your body will be showing and unwanted body hair can ruin a photo.

· Think of poses in advance. The last thing you want to do is look self conscious in your photos. Plan the poses you will be making so that you are sure to look comfortable and confident in every shot.

A boudoir photo shoot can be fun and empowering for anyone. These sexy photos can mean a lot to you and your partner and you can have a great time taking them and planning your session. Just think of a theme you are comfortable with. Then, get ready to explore your sexy side!


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