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How to Get Images that Will Stand Out on Social Media

Everyone knows that in today’s world, if it wasn’t documented in a photo and added to social media, it didn’t happen! If that’s how you think, you want to make sure the photos you take will stand out when you post them, so they get plenty of likes and engagement. With that in mind, here are somethings you will want to think about when you’re taking photos to post on social media.

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How to Make Your Photos Visually Appealing

There are certain elements that you want to think about when taking a photo. Including these elements will make the photo more visually appealing. These include the following:

· Background: Images with a background are favored over those with no background or a limited background.

· Visual texture: Pictures with visual texture will do better than those with more of a smooth look.

· Color: Images with a single dominant color will do better than those with multiple dominant colors.

· Tone: Bluish images are preferred over those with a reddish tones and light images are favored over darker images.

Note, you can draw your own conclusions on why these images are preferred, but these preferences are all based on proof rather than any sort of hypothesis or reasoning.

Creating a Photo for Your Business That is Engaging

While all of us like to post a photo that will get a lot of engagement, for those of us who post to promote a business, the engagements our photos get can be the difference between bringing in customers and waiting for the phone to ring.

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Here, we need, not only to think about how a picture is framed, coloring and texture, we have to think about the content we are providing in the picture.

People tend to want to see a more organic view of your company rather than to feel that they are being sold to outright. With that in mind, go for images that provide behind the scenes looks at your business. This will show your company in a natural light, promoting a connection and sense of loyalty between you and your customers.

Unusual Settings and Exposure

No matter whether you are using your photos for professional use or business, there are several ways you can make your photos stand out. Choose an unusual setting like a desert or a vintage diner. Dress up your model in interesting clothing or makeup. You can also make pictures visually interesting by playing with exposure or adding shapes and silhouettes.

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Of course, there are more reasons to love a photo than to think of it in terms of how well it will do on Facebook or Instagram but getting those likes and engagements can be pretty gratifying! In any case, no matter what you are hoping to achieve with your photos, these are all great ideas for getting the best possible results. Happy clicking… and posting!


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