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How to Get Great Photos at Your Next Corporate Event

In today’s social media based world, it’s important to stay visible by posting engaging content like great looking pictures. It can be challenging to find relevant content to post every day, but if you are hosting a corporate event, posting pictures from the event can give you days of content. That’s why it’s a good idea to have a professional photographer present at your business functions.

NYC Event Photographer

When users scroll through social media sites, pictures of corporate functions may not appear that exciting. They may scroll past without so much as hitting the like button! But there are things you can do to make your corporate event pictures more compelling. Here are some simple things your photographer can do to keep users engaged.

NYC Event Photographer

Shoot from Creative Angles: When everyone is seated at an event, it can be hard to get eye catching shots. Photographers can make these shots unique by shooting from creative angles like through floral arrangements. They can also go outside and shoot pictures through the window to give the perspective that the viewer is outside looking in.

NYC Event Photographer

Have Fun with Posed Shots: When asking for a group shot, most people instinctively throw an arm around their peers and smile. While having a couple of these shots might be a necessity, encourage your subjects to have fun in some photos as well. Not only will this make for more interesting photos, it will also get your guests to loosen up and enjoy themselves.

NYC Event Photographer

Tell Your Photographer What You Want from Your Photos: If you’re looking to use your photos for a specific purpose, let your photographer know in advance. Give them as much detail as possible. Telling them you are using the shots for social media will be helpful but letting them know which social media site in particular can refine the choices they make even more. This information will help them find the best formatting and images for each site.

Also, if you will be using the photos year-round, avoid adding any seasonal elements. Holiday decorations will look weird in a photo that’s posted in the summer. Similarly, pictures of people in summer wear will look odd if they are posted during the winter months.

NYC Event Photographer

Use Abstract Shots for Marketing: Getting good promotional shots isn’t just about the photography, it’s also about choosing the right photos to post. Abstract images will be more engaging. Go for something with an abstract image or a slight blur when finding the best photos for your social media.

If you are hosting a corporate event, you definitely want a photographer present. This will help you to capture great memories that will increase your employee’s sense of loyalty and make for terrific marketing that can be included on social media, banners or web sites. Be sure to make the most out of the pictures you get by letting your photographer know exactly what you are looking for in advance. Good luck capturing those memories in the most effective way possible!


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