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How to Find the Right NYC Photographer for Your Photo Shoot

Updated: Feb 12, 2019

If you are planning a NYC photo shoot to commemorate a special occasion or time in your life, finding the right NYC photographer is key. Looking online and getting referrals is a great way to find photographers that may be suitable, but once you meet with them, how are you going to figure out if they are right for you? Here are some things you should consider when deciding if a photographer is right for your photo shoot.

NYC Photographer

What to Look for in Their Work: Any experienced photographer will have a portfolio you can look over. Here are some things you should look for in their photographs to make sure they will provide quality work.

· Proper exposure: Photos should not be too dark or bright.

· Proper focus: Make sure all photos are in focus and not blurry

· Editing should not be overdone: colors and skin tones should be realistic.

· Models should look at ease and groups of people should look comfortable together.

Is it a Good Match? There are several variables to consider in whether your photographer is a good match for your shoot. First, you will want to think of what type of shoot you want to do. If you are looking for a casual outdoor shoot with your family, a high fashion photographer might not be your best bet. You want to hire someone that specializes in the type of shoot you are looking to do.

Also, if you have a certain vision for your shoot, and want creative input from your photographer, or just want to make sure that your pictures have the desired effect, you’ll want a photographer that shares your vision.

NYC Photographer

You also want to make sure your photographer will be available in the timeframe you will need them for.

Pricing: Most people have a budget in mind when hiring a photographer for a photo shoot. It is important to find out, not just what your photographer charges, but what’s included in the package. Some photographers will take the pictures, but not offer any prints or files, while for others, this will be included in the price. These are all good things to find out before making any final decisions.

Contract: Photographers will usually have you sign a contract that outlines your session and what you will receive. They will also provide you with a print release that allows you to print photos anywhere you want. Be sure you get both items from your photographer before proceeding with the shoot to ensure you don’t encounter any legal issues down the line.

A great photo shoot starts with the right NYC photographer. Make sure to hire someone who takes quality pictures, shares your vision, offers reasonable prices and provides the right paperwork to avoid legal confusion. Good luck hiring the photographer that is best for you.


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