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How to Find the Right Models for Your Photo Shoot

If you’re planning a photo shoot, finding the right models can be everything. Finding an attractive model isn’t enough. If you are going for a certain vibe in your photo shoot, you need to find a model that can play the part and one that has enough experience so that you can trust him or her to act professionally. With that in mind, here are some tips for finding the right model for your photo shoot.

NYC Fashion Photographer

Go for Experience: Finding a fresh face is always good and, many times, a model with less experience will charge lower rates. However, it’s best to find a model with at least a bit of experience under their belt. This way, you know that they will be able to pose without looking uncomfortable. A good track record will also show that they are professional enough not to flake out at the last minute.

Recent Work: When looking at a model’s portfolio, you should not only look at how much work they have done but how recently they have been doing work. If their most recent pictures are over a year old, they may not accurately represent the model’s capabilities which can negatively affect the results of the shoot. If you feel like you are not seeing a model’s most recent work, ask for a more recent picture so you can feel more confident about the results you will be getting.

NYC Fashion Photographer

Find the Right Genre: There are many different types of models. Some are fitness models, others are high fashion while some are better suited for catalogues. While some models are versatile enough to be suitable to a few different genres, it is best to find one with experience with the type of look you are going for. This will make for a better chance of you getting the results you are after.

Pay Attention to First Impressions: The look of your model and the way they act will be things that you should pay attention to the first time you meet them. This will give you a good idea of how they will come across in photos as well as how they will act during the shoot, whether they will be easy to work with, etc. In turn, you should also do your best to make a good first impression by offering them as much information as possible up front and respecting their time when interviewing them.

NYC Fashion Photographer

Payment: Payment can get tricky when you work with a model. Some models will do a photo shoot in exchange for prints they can add to their portfolio while others require pay. You may ask around to find out what other photographers and models charge to come up with a rate you think is fair but mostly, you have to think of how badly you want the model on your shoot. An experienced model with a good look may be worth the investment.

If you’re working with a model, he or she will be the focal point of the shoot. Make sure they have the right look, amount of experience and attitude so that your photos will come out looking great. Good luck getting the right vibe for your next shoot.


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