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How To Decide Which Type Of Fashion Shoot Is Right For You

Updated: Jan 31, 2019

If you are thinking of a fashion photography shoot, the focus may be on what you will be wearing or displaying. When taking this into account, you should be aware that there are many different types of photo shoots you can take. The one you choose may depend on the products you are featuring, the kind of vibe you are looking to express, the medium you are using to display your photos and the message you are trying to send to whoever is viewing the photos. Keeping that in mind, here are some types of shoots you can choose from.

Editorial Fashion Shoot: Editorial fashion shoots are specific to publications (magazines, newspapers, etc.). They include a series of pictures that are used to tell a story or convey an emotion and can be accompanied by text or not. They are not about featuring a ton of clothes but are more about projecting a mood. In advertising, an editorial shoot can be used to subtly sell an item.

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Beauty Shoot: A beauty shoot focuses on a model’s face. Jewelry can be incorporated into these shoots or they can be a great way to educate viewers about hair care, skin care products and cosmetics. During these shoots, it is important to have a makeup artist and hair stylist on board who shares your vision to guarantee optimal results.

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High Fashion Shoot: High fashion photography includes cutting edge images that are used to express a sophisticated, haute couture vibe. You can expect to incorporate unusual clothing, accessories and makeup styles as well as models who have exotic appearances. Dramatic lighting, unique backgrounds and daring poses will also help to give this type of photography the right kind of vibe.

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Street Fashion: As its name suggests, street fashion is defined as any type of photography that takes place on the street. It is generally more casual in nature and can be used to capture images of girl next door types who just happen to have that perfect style, or actual models who give off a similar vibe. However, some photographers choose to take street fashion to the next level using interesting sidewalk patterns to offset high fashion clothing.

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Catalog Shoot: These pictures are taken specifically to appear in catalogs sent out to consumers. Here the model’s poses and backgrounds used are carefully chosen to show the items that are being sold as clearly as possible. Styling is hassle free and most of these shoots are done in a studio atmosphere.

If you are thinking of doing a fashion shoot, it is important to consider the products you are featuring and the purpose of your shoot. Then, decide which type of photography will work best for you. We would love to discuss in more detail so please contact us and book a shoot today!


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