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NYC Engagement Photographer

Get the Perfect NYC Engagement Photos Today!

The love that you share for your significant other is part of a story that extends to the beginning of your relationship. Getting married is a massive milestone, but getting engaged is just as important to the process! When couples look for an NYC engagement photographer, they'd do well to make sure that they hire J. Stud Studio to capture the proceedings.

When it comes time to take a knee before your significant other, J. Stud Studio can make sure that they are in the right spot to capture the event. Using a multi-camera setup, J. Stud Studio features a husband and wife photography duo that has been working for a combined twenty years in the photography field. Needless to say, J. Stud Studio knows what they are looking for when they are getting your NYC engagement photos taken!

Following the engagement photo shoot, you will receive digital copies of your entire shoot. J. Stud Studio believes that their subjects should own the rights to their event, so go wild with your new and amazing pictures!


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NYC Engagement Photographer
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