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Get the Perfect Family Newborn Photos Today!

We are a Husband and Wife team located here in Hoboken, and love newborns! Capturing the love a new addition brings the family is so touching and a time to memorialize.   The time goes by so fast, and to capture the innocence of a new life it heartwarming.   

Having a newborn photographed is something to handle with delicacy and care. We do not like to set up many props for the shoot, as we feel a lifestyle approach is best with a newborn and the family. We often have clients that they are incredibly intimidated in front of the camera. The good news is the newborn is a star and knows how to be in front of the lens within the first two weeks of birth.  

At J. Stud Studio, we are a husband and wife team and have a daughter of our own, so we understand the live event and capturing the love of our little ones. We try to use as much natural light as possible and use as little flash in the process. 

Following the newborn family photography session, you will receive digital copies of your entire shoot. J. Stud Studio believes you should own the rights to all photos, not just a select few.  

Here are a few from a newborn family photo session we had here in Hoboken:

Hoboken Newborn Photographers
Hoboken Newborn Photographer
Hoboken Newborn Photographer
Newborn Baby Photographer Hoboken
Hoboken Newborn Photographers
Family Photographer Hoboken
Newborn Baby Photographer
Hoboken Newborn Photographers
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