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NYC Engagement Photographer

Bring Love to Life With an Engagement Photographer in NYC.

When you think of your dream proposal, what do you see? While most people have a solid idea as to how they want to propose, few of them know how they plan to capture their proposal on camera. Don't make your friend hold a camera phone from across the street, let J. Stud Studio capture the moment as they do best!

J. Stud Studio is the best team engagement photographer in NYC. Comprised of a married couple, J. Stud Studio promises beautiful photographs of your most candid and romantic moment. Fully insured and with a full photo delivery guarantee, J. Stud Studio is all about giving you what you need. If you are looking for an engagement photographer in NYC, you can't do much better than this! Though they are based in Hoboken, NJ, they have no problem traveling for their shoots, provided that a minimal traveling fee is met.

Outside of their engagement photography services, J. Stud Studio also offers several other photography packages. You can browse through their offerings on the service page of their official J. Stud Studio website.


NYC Engagement Photographer
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