Hire J. Stud Studio When You Want the Best NYC Engagement Photographers.

When you drop down to one knee to propose to the person that you love, you create a moment of magic. That magic, when captured, can create a physical memory of the love that you share. While anybody can snap a picture with their phone, there are very few photographers who can make that photo come to life. For people in Hoboken, NJ, and the NYC metro, the team at J. Stud Studio can get the job done.

J. Stud Studio is a photography team that specializes in really capturing the essence of their subject. With more than twenty years of combined experience, the team at J. Stud Studio has helped countless couples capture their special moment forever. When you want the best NYC engagement photographers around, you let J. Stud Studio take care of the job.

More than just the best NYC engagement photographers, J. Stud Studio also cares for their clients. They offer digital copies of all their shots, free of additional charge.